Our Location

Casa de Yemanja

(Home of the Sea Goddess)

Recanto de Itaipuacu

The house is right on the beach in this quiet little fishing village

The village is about an hour away from downtown Rio and the same distance from the international airport of Galeao, by taxi. Taxis are quite cheap, around RS 120 (US 60, GBP 30). Bus services also operate from the village to the airport, the downtown, and the Zona Sul (Copacabana and Ipanema). and take about an hour and a half. Public transport cost around RS 6 each way, a little more for the luxury executive service.

Traffic conditions vary greatly at different times of the day and these journeys can take a lot longer in rush hour periods. We tend to go to Rio in the middle of the day and return quite late in the evening!


The house is on the straight , white beach in the bottom right hand corner of the map - the journey to Rio takes you over the long Guanabara Baty bridge - where the views of Rio de Janeiro and the Bay are stunning! Copacabana is the curved beach in the middle left of the map, and Ipanema the one to the left of that.

Relax in one of the beach bars next to the house